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The Dirt on Binders

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What Are Binders?

Binders are used to remove different toxins from the body.  We are exposed to toxins everyday and these powders may help to remove them from our bodies to proactively ward off symptoms.

What can binders do?

Binders may be used to support the removal of heavy metals, mycotoxins, biotoxins, herbicides, pesticides, glyphosate and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), just to name a few.   They may also support the removal of endogenous toxins created by pathogens, namely bacteria, parasites, mold and yeast.  Some of the benefits that may come from implementing a binder in your daily practice?  …..  They may support the lowering of cholesterol, aid in GI issues, mitigate the effects of EMFs and also help to alkalize the body.

Some popular binders…..and what they are good for.

Chlorella is a commonly known binder that may be useful when eliminating heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, molds, mycotoxins, and VOCs.  Plus the best news, it is ok to use long-term for gentle support and it is packed with nutrients.  You see chlorella (and ALWAYS choose organic) is a single cell, green algae with upwards of 50% protein by weight.  It contains all 9 essential amino acids and is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3s.  The most important thing, outside of the product being organic, is that the cell wall is broken or cracked.  Reason?  The human body cannot absorb all of the nutrients as the hard cell wall cannot be digested.  Our organic chlorella is cracked cell wall and can be found in the Slow Ox Greens.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is an aluminosilicate.  Clinoptilolite is formed when volcanic molten lava comes in contact with seawater, forming a honey comb shape.  It has a negative molecular charge that attracts positively charged ions namely heavy metals, VOCs, mycotoxins and biotoxins.  The purity and particle size of zeolite are the most important factors.  The particle size is measured by microns, why this is important is how the particles react and what they do once they enter the body.  Our product is considered 0-40 micron.  What does that mean?   Ultimately our zeolite is 80% less than 10 micron and 20% 10-40 micron. This is done on purpose. The less than 10 micron particles get in the bloodstream, while the larger particles stay in the gut (where tons of heavy metals and toxins reside). This focuses on a full body detox.  Many other companies are racing to the smallest particle size (including nano, which does not really make sense as it would be smaller than the heavy metal particle it is trying to pick up) and they are missing the fact that if you do not approach the body as a whole, the heavy metals and toxins will just be replaced into the bloodstream from the gut.

Humic / Fulvic acids are negatively charged atoms that attract positively charged mineral particles like heavy metals, envirotoxins, chemicals and glyphosate.  Fulvic acid may change metals and minerals into compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.  They have been noted to increase the body’s antioxidant capacity due to it small molecular size.  Humic acid does a better job of binding, as it has a larger surface area.  These are gentle on the system and can be taken with food.  Our supplier manufactures our fulvic and humic acids with food grade equipment with an innovative production process that leverages physical principles to extract the many fractions of humic substances with 200x less chemicals than other companies.  This allows us to have a product that is extremely concentrated, environmentally friendly and purer than the alternative fulvic mineral products.  Sourced from a humus deposit right here in Canada, this product has brought about remarkable changes to clients, not only humans but dogs, cats and horses as well.

Food Grade (not Industrial grade) Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is rich in silica (about 84% make up).  Silica has benefits with health and general detox.  It is also good for aluminum but can bind to other heavy metals as well.  Our 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth is food grade, which means it is processed further and free from additives.  DE is a naturally occuring freshwater sediment of microscopic diatoms which may support the detox of parasites, bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, and pesticides.  It has also been noted for fuller, shinier hair and stronger nails.  Be careful as it competes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium so making sure you are taking this at least 2 hours away from any mineral supplements.  Food Grade DE has also shown to be very effective to reduce GI issues in dogs and acts as a natural dewormer in many livestock, such as horses who then showed stronger hooves after use as well.

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