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Hair Mineral Analysis Experts

Lisa is Vykon’s Founder, a Hair Mineral Analysis Expert, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Kettlebell Sport World Champion.  Lisa has spent years studying HTMA under Dr. Rick Malter, Dr. Watts, Rick Fischer, Kendra Perry, Dr. Karen Von Merveldt and more.  She has poured her years of research into the Vykon Custom line to bring to light the first ever, all-encompassing product, based fully on HTMA science.  

Vykon Supplements

Becky joined the Vykon team as the Head of Customer Service operations and PWA support.  She is committed to customer service, support and education.  Becky is an HTMA Practitioner, a mother of 2 boys, a loving wife and an urban farmer.  She has always had a passion for wellness and supporting people to live their best life by helping them to optimize their health.

Vykon Supplements

Alysen is the Head of the Ottawa Lab.  She graduated top of her class, with honours, with a degree in Biological Sciences. Alysen went on to complete a Masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, with a Dean’s award, in 2012.  Prior to running the lab, she worked as a senior research technician in a top research lab in Ottawa, studying the metabolism of stem cells.

Vykon Supplements

Dr. Delphie, PhD. is the Head of Research at the Ottawa Lab.  In 2008, she started working as a research assistant at the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (MHR).  Most recently, Delphie completed her PhD. in Neuroscience in the field of Neurogenesis and Mechanisms of Cellular Regeneration.

Vykon Supplements

Libby is the Head of IT at Vykon.  She runs a successful business based on website design, integration, automation and e-commerce.  Libby takes care of updating security, our websites and she is the first line of defense if something IT related is not functioning correctly.  She is an integral part of the Vykon team.  

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Sarah is the newest addition to Vykon Supplements within their customer service communications team.  She is a student at West Carleton Secondary School and in the near future looks to study Forensics in university, with the goal of going to medical school.  Sarah’s drive and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as her passion for health, make her an integral part of the Vykon team.

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