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Application and Registration

We look at applications from Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm ET.  A normal turn-around time for an application to be processed is approximately 1-2 business days.  Please note applications submitted on Friday may be processed the following business day.

This website is for Certified Practitioners only, and those health or fitness professionals with a Certificate in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis study.  If you have taken an HTMA course and do not have an official Certificate of Completion; please contact your educator for a letter of completion that you may use to submit your registration. 

Products & Ingredients

With any client protocol advising to start low and slow is key.  With Vykon Custom powders we recommend starting with 1/4  of ONE SERVING in the AM and work up slowly from there.  We have titration schedules available to download in the information section of your practitioner account.   

If, at anytime, a client has herxing reactions, such as diarrhea, bloating or nausea, go back to the dose where this did not happen for at least 5 days and SLOWLY start to increase again.  Some detox reactions have been reported, but are minimized with this approach.

Each custom mix will have its own customized dosage and back panel ingredient label.  Depending on the formula and the ingredients, the dosages will be specified for that specific formula on the back panel.  You may have clients that have similar formulas with one different add-on and if that add-on represents a different volume, then their dosages will differ. 

We recommend to advise clients to START WITH 1/4 OF ONE SERVING and work up slowly from there.

There are vitamins and minerals that may interfere with the absorption of prescription medications.  This warning does not apply to other nutritional supplements or foods.  

During testing minimal side effects were reported.  Common side effects were bloating and diarrhea, especially if a full dose was used at the immediate start of the protocol.  It is very important for clients to start with 1/4 OF ONE SERVING in the AM and then move up slowly over the course of 22-28 days until they reach the full dose.  This is especially important for those identified with a 4 Lows pattern. 

By titrating up slowly, this gives the body time to adjust to avoid any Herxing reactions.  If at any time, these reactions continue then advise them to reduce back to the dose where these reactions were not happening and stay at this particular dose for a minimum of 5 days prior to attempting to increase dose again.  Every client is unique and some individuals may take much longer to titrate up to a full daily dose.

Yes, when you order products you will have the choice of having a base flavour (both of which are neutral).  Our Original Plain has the least amount of natural flavour and contains citric acid (cassava), organic stevia leaf extract and natural flavour.  The other base flavour is called Smooth Neutral and has the same three ingredients as the Original Plain along with 100% tapioca maltodextrin (allergen free) and natural guar gum.  With the addition of these two ingredients the usability and texture profile of the liquid is much better, we highly recommend the Smooth Neutral.

Additionally we have “side” bottles of flavours that can be added, one bottle is included with every custom blend.  These are all natural flavours that can be added to the custom powder at the client’s preferred amount to provide a  full flavour profile, such as natural fruit punch or vanilla citrus.

You always have the option of removing the all-natural flavouring, or one ingredient from the flavour as well.  In this case, due the bitterness of minerals; we would normally suggest including at least the Original Plain, which only adds a very small amount of flavour.  If you choose to have no flavouring at all, you can request this in the NOTES section of your order, however, given the bitterness of minerals, it is not normally suggested.  

You do always have the option to order the powder in capsules as well.

At Vykon we are committed to keep all of our products are truly natural.  All of our products contain a flavour profile which makes the product as neutral as possible, again, Smooth Neutral is our favourite!  It mixes easily into smoothies and also extremely well just in cool water with some side flavour added. 

You can choose to mix each serving into 6oz. of water, juice, smoothie or into soft foods. 

If you have clients that are having extreme difficulties try suggesting adding 1-2 drops of food grade peppermint essential oil into the mix.  This creates a very aromatic profile and the flavour is quite pleasant.

Watch our short video under the BEST PRACTICES tab for more on the best ways to use our custom powders.

We take allergies extremely seriously since our founder has an allergy to gluten as well as intolerances to dairy and soy.  If you have a client that has allergies, please feel free to contact us prior to placing an order, so we can advise on the steps we take and ensure this is a good choice for your client.  When an order is placed it is critical for a PRODUCT NOTE to be included which states the allergy.  Once our lab receives an order such as this we will process it on the first run of the day, so any potential allergens will not be in use at the time and also it minimizes any cross contamination. 

Potential allergens within our facility include:

Dairy – we have New Zealand Whey Protein isolate in our facility.

Fish – we have hydrolyzed collagen from wild caught fish in our facility.

Shellfish – we have glucosamine sulfate 2KCl in our facility.

Soy – Currently we use an MK-7 which is made via bacillius subtillis and their food source is Japanese Natto, so there is a minute chance that there may be traces of soy in the final product.  Please note as of July 2022, we are replacing this ingredient with K2VITAL, which is entirely soy free.

All Vykon customs are produced in a Health Canada licensed lab facility based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The lab is GMP compliant, have strict quality assurance protocols and use third-party testing to validate the identity and purity of all ingredients.  

We strive to ensure we use as many, natural and certified organic ingredients as possible.  For example our kelp is knotted wrack from the North Atlantic and is certified organic, plus all of our flavourings have been hand-picked and are 100% natural.  Many supplement companies use fillers and artificial flavours.  We refuse to use anything artificial in any Vykon Custom or Performance product.

Our ingredients are sourced worldwide with the majority of our ingredients coming from within North America.  The only time we source ingredients outside of North America is when he best manufacturers are there for a particular product.  For example when we are dealing with herbals and plants, sometimes the best manufacturers are where the native plant grows, so this will be from outside of North America.

All ingredients that come into the lab are tested for heavy metals, mold, microbes and contamination and come with a Certificate of Analysis.  Our lab does not use metal mechanical equipment for their formulations; so the risk of contamination within the lab are extremely low.

The lab also runs routine 3rd party checks to verify the Certificate of Analysis for heavy metals and for the microbiology and potency of the products being used.  

The custom formulations have been composed with the finest quality ingredients; minerals like zinc picolinate, potassium gluconate and magnesium glycinate.  There are options, however, with regards to replacing ingredients with different forms. 

For example, if you have a client that has been using magnesium glycinate as part of their protocol successfully and you would like them to continue with that form, send us a quick email request and we can make that change for you; based on the ingredient forms that are available in our database.   If there is a particular form that is being requested often, that we do not have access to; we will try to source it for you. 

At Vykon Customs we are here to support the our PWAs with absolutely everything they need to support their client’s health journey.  Have more questions or want to know about ingredients, book a COURTESY CALL.

As a PWA you have an extended book of the finest quality ingredients at your disposal to create formulas.  

Extensively researched products like Boswellia, marine hydrolyzed collagen, B5, B7, L-5-methylfolate and more!  We are happy to provide you with what we stock at the lab and then we can compound a formula from scratch for you at no extra charge.


When you visit the shop you will have access to the Basic Formulations, as well as Customizable Formulations.  The Customizable Formulations have been created for cases just like this.  You can add extras of items such as: zinc picolinate, potassium gluconate, boron chelate complex, B12 (methylcobalamin), sea salt, etc. 

If you have a truly tough case, or cases, and you need a formula built from scratch, our team can do this for you, just email us what you would like to:  If you have a tough case and need a formulation recommendation you also have an amazing opportunity to schedule a consultation with Lisa Pitel-Killah at a fraction of her regular session rates; to discuss test results and a customized mix for your client(s).  Please note: there is documentation requested for this consultation and will need to be submitted prior to your appointment date and time.  See Shop notes for details. 

Based on most HTMA recommendations, 90 day protocols are most commonly recommended.  By providing 90 day formulations this correlates with retest timing (as formulas will last approximately 110 days) and as well provide the best cost savings for clients.  If you feel you would like a formula that is larger than 90 days, send us an email and we can send you options for that too.

There is an adult 30 day formula available to order for all 3 basic formulations.  

The expiry date for all custom powders is 12 months from the date of production.  The expiry date can be found on each custom formulation on the bottom left hand side of the back panel label.


Our Customs are just that, customized!!  So each custom powder will have your client’s personal name (as sent to us by you) on the front and back label of their product.   You can input this into the dropdown box that says PRODUCT NOTES & CLIENT NAME prior to adding to cart.

With multiple items, once you have your order ready, the products will be submitted in the order in which you put them into your cart.  So if you have 3 orders, in order to have the correct names on each order, please enter them numbered, into the NOTES section.  For example for 3 orders, in the NOTES section you could put: 1. Lisa Pitel-Killah, 2. Becky Black, etc.

If this is the first order we receive from you that is a multiple order, our team will reach out to you with the actual formulas and names together to ensure we have everything correct for the lab.

Given the ability to customize formulations, all orders need to be placed by a certified health practitioner with a Practitioner Wholesale Account (PWA). When orders are placed the billing address must match that of the PWA holder. 

Shipping & Returns

All Vykon products are shipped from our lab facility via FEDEX Express to the USA, UPS or Canada Post within Canada and FedEx or DHL outside of North America.

Your order is processed by the Lab within 2-5 business days of being received (custom capsules may take as long as 7 business days).  All shipments are sent with tracking, which is shared with you when the package has left our facility.  In Canada the delivery time, once the order is completed, is approximately 1-2 business days (within Quebec and Ontario) and 3+ business days (within Western and Eastern provinces).  In the continental USA it is approximately 1-4 business days and International shipments are based on location within 5-7 business days on average.  These times may vary based on customs clearance and unforeseen courier delays. 

You may request expedited shipping for any parcel at an extra cost, just contact our team:

Absolutely, orders can be shipped in bulk to your office, or home; however you also have the option to order items and ship straight from the Lab to your client.  All orders of this fashion will need to be entered into the system separately; choosing the applicable shipping address for each order.    

If you are located in Canada, for example, and your client is in the United States, you can still ship products straight to your client.  Just make sure to fill in their details under the SHIPPING section when placing your order.

All orders are shipped with tracking and the PWA is notified of the tracking information when the product leaves our lab facility.  If you, or your client, do not receive your shipment within 7 business days of it leaving our facility we suggest reaching out to the courier identified that is delivering the package.  If you go through this process and need further support please contact: to report an issue.  All issues of this type will be handled on a one on one basis.

We have partnered with FedEx and DHL for our overseas shipping options.   They offer a tracked service, guaranteed to arrive within 5-7 business days (outside of any potential customs’ delays), they will attempt a signature; however, this may not always be possible.  All shipments may be subject to country taxes and/or customs.  Please note these charges are the responsibility of the receiver.  If you are drop shipping to a client overseas, we will require their phone number in the NOTES section of your order; as this is required for commercial documentation.  (This information will not be used for any other purpose).

If you have more questions with regards to overseas shipments; please feel free to reach out to our office at any time.

*There are no refunds on Vykon Customizable Formulations. 

Refunds will be applicable on products returned, and received, within 30 days of the original shipping date and do not apply to any Customizable/Customized Formulations*.  Potential product returns must be unopened, in their original packaging, and use of a shipping service that provides delivery confirmation (tracking number) is required.  The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Once we have received your returned items(s) in house, we will give you a full refund less the original shipping cost. To initiate this process, please email us at: Refunds will be issued to your original payment method.

All returns should be sent to:  VYKON LABS, 1051 Carp Road, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K2S 1B9.

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