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Application & Registration

This website is for Certified Health Practitioners only, and those health or fitness professionals with a Certificate in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis study.  If you have taken an HTMA course and do not have an official Certificate of Completion; please contact your educator for a letter of completion that you may use to submit your registration. 

To become a Vykon Wholesale Practitioner you can apply on our website.  You will require a PDF or JPG of your practitioner certification.  Once your application is submitted we will review your application.  When you are approved you will receive further instructions on getting started with your new Vykon account.

We look at applications from Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm ET.  A normal turn-around time for an application to be processed is approximately 1-3 business days.  Please note applications submitted on Friday may be processed the following business day.

This website is for Certified Practitioners only, and those health or fitness professionals with a Certificate in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis study.  If you have taken an HTMA course and do not have an official Certificate of Completion; please contact your educator for a letter of completion that you may use to submit your registration. 

Trainees can apply for a student account. This allows them to order for themselves or immediate family and they are only able to ship to their billing address. You will be required to sign documentation regarding the account limitations.


All customs are best before 12 months from the compounding date.  All our products will include an expiry date, clearly labelled on the back panel.  

We do not recommend using products past the expiration date on the product’s sticker.

Yes, just make sure the liquid is not boiling hot because that starts the degeneration process and will affect the efficacy of the minerals and vitamins. If it is lukewarm for example, that should be no problem.

Each Vykon order will come with a brief Getting Started card, a Titration table and a list of items included in the package.

With any client protocol, advising to start low and slow is key.  Your titration schedule will direct you exactly how to do this.  

If, at any time, a client experiences reactions to their protocol, such as diarrhea, bloating or nausea, we suggest returning to the dose level where this did not occur for at least 5 days and SLOWLY start to increase again.  Some detox reactions have been reported, but are minimized with this approach.

There are vitamins and minerals that may interfere with the absorption of prescription medications. This warning does not apply to other nutritional supplements or foods. It is recommended to take away from binders that are known to bind to minerals.

During testing, minimal side effects were reported.  Some common side effects were bloating and diarrhea, especially if a full dose was used at the start of the protocol.  It is very important for clients to start with 1/4 of ONE SERVING in the AM and then move up slowly over the course of 28 DAYS until they reach the full dose. 

This is especially important for those identified with a 4 Lows pattern. Those individuals may take even longer than 28 days to titrate.

By titrating up slowly, this gives the body time to adjust to avoid any Herxing reactions.  If at any time these reactions continue, then advise them to reduce back to the dose where these reactions were not happening and stay at this particular dose for a minimum of 5 days prior to attempting to increase dose again. 

Yes, you will have three base flavour options (Please see What are your flavour ingredients and types? for more information).  We suggest using our Smooth Neutral base flavour. 

Additionally we have Side Flavours that can be added, one bottle is included free of charge with every custom blend. These side flavours are all natural and can be added to the custom powder at the client’s preferred amount to provide a full flavour profile.

We offer four delicious side flavour options; vanilla citrus, double chocolate, fruit punch and mixed berries.

Due to the bitterness of minerals; we would normally suggest including at least the Smooth Neutral Base to any powder formula. If you would like no flavour at all, then capsules would be recommended.

For Adult formulas the daily dose is 2 servings. For Tween’s, Kid’s, Pet and Equine formulas the daily dose is 1 serving. Please note that if the daily dose is one serving, it can be split into divided doses if that is preferred.

Our powders do not always equate to 1 serving equalling a scoop, and the serving size is different for every custom formulation. It is important that your clients refer to the back label of their formula to see what scoop equates to 1 serving.

All Vykon customs are produced in a Health Canada licensed lab facility based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The lab is GMP compliant, has strict quality assurance protocols and uses third-party testing to validate the identity and purity of all ingredients.

Yes we do!  We offer a wide range of products outside of our custom formulas.  These include:

  • Probiotics
  • Greens
  • HTMA Testing
  • Our Performance line
  • Pet supplements
  • Equine Supplements. 

Everything can be found in our shop on  These products are all offered at a wholesale price, exclusively for our wholesale practitioners.


All Vykon products are shipped from our lab facility via FEDEX Express to the USA, UPS or Canada Post within Canada and FedEx or DHL outside of North America. 

There is no invoice included in any shipment, which gives you the option to charge the prices that fit your practice. There will be a commercial invoice included for any custom order shipping outside of Canada. 

 In addition to the products ordered, all of our shipments will include:

  • a titration schedule, based on the custom ordered (ie: Adult, Kid’s, etc.),
  • a best practices card 
  • a packing slip with all the items included in the shipment.

Our typical production and shipping times are between 7-10 business days.  If your order is taking longer, your product may be stalled at customs. 

Statutory holidays may also delay a delivery, as our office, lab facility and shipping providers will be closed on those days.  Our office is closed for all Canadian Statutory holidays.

We partnered with FedEx and DHL for our overseas shipping options.  They offer a tracked service, guaranteed to arrive within 5-7 business days (outside of any potential customs’ delays), they will attempt a signature; however, this may not always be possible.  

All shipments may be subject to country taxes and/or customs.  Please note these charges are the responsibility of the receiver. 

Please review our International Shipping Tables for estimated pricing.

Your order is processed by the Lab within 2-5 business days of being received (custom capsules may take as long as 7 business days).  All shipments are sent with tracking, which is shared with you when the package leaves our facility. 

Shipments within Canada will be delivered within approximately 2-7 business days from shipment from our manufacturing facility, depending on where you are located. 

Shipping within the continental USA will take approximately 1-4 business days.

International shipments are based on location, and are usually within 5-7 business days, on average.

These times may vary based on customs clearance and unforeseen courier delays. 

You may request expedited shipping for any parcel at an extra cost, just contact our team:

Absolutely! Orders can be shipped in bulk to you personally; however you also have the option to order items and dropship directly from our Lab to your client.

If you are placing multiple orders, shipping to different locations, all orders will need to be entered into the system separately; choosing the applicable shipping address for each order. 

 If you are located in the United States and you wish to ship your order to a client in the United Kingdom, you can enter your client’s address into the shipping information upon checkout from the shop.  


Due to the customized nature or our products, production time will take a little longer than a retail supplement.  Our standard base powder formulas range between 3-5 business days to produce.  Capsules will take longer due to the encapsulation process. 

Full custom formulas will also take longer to produce, due to the full customization of the entire product.

You can check the status of your order from your Dashboard > Orders.  The Orders section will list all of your orders and their status.  

If you order indicated Processing, this means it is with our lab facility being produced.  Processing can take 3-7 business days, depending on the complexity of the product.  

Capsules and Full Custom orders will take a little longer than a standard product order.  Once your order is completed and shipped your order status will indicate Shipped.  

You may track the shipping progress using the tracking number associated with the order.  Shipping can take 5-7 business days, depending on where you or your client are located.

Given the ability to customize formulations, all orders need to be placed by a certified health practitioner with a Practitioner Wholesale Account (PWA). When orders are placed the billing address must match that of the PWA holder. 

We offer our formulas for various age groups and demographics.  Each Base Formula is created specifically for the needs of the demographic. 

We offer formula bases for:

  • Adults
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Tweens
  • Kids
  • Toddlers
  • Infants

Each of the bases are located in the shop, under their respective categories.

Any change to one of our base formulas will be considered a Full Custom Formula. 

We ask that you contact our Practitioner Support team at prior to placing your order.

You can definitely order more flavours, just visit the Shop and go to the SINGLE FORMULAS and then FLAVOURS.

Our Customs are just that, customized!!  So each custom powder will have your client’s personal name (as sent to us by you) on the front and back label of their product.   You can input this into the dropdown box that says PRODUCT NOTES & CLIENT NAME prior to adding to cart.

With multiple items, once you have your order ready, the products will be submitted in the order in which you put them into your cart.  So if you have 3 orders, in order to have the correct names on each order, please enter them numbered, into the NOTES section.  For example for 3 orders, in the NOTES section you could put: 1. Lisa Pitel-Killah, 2. Becky Black, etc.

If this is the first order we receive from you that is a multiple order, our team will reach out to you with the actual formulas and names together to ensure we have everything correct for the lab.

HTMA Testing

The test kits are packaged in a 9×12 manilla envelope which includes:

  • a hair and weight scale
  • sample collection envelope
  •  requisition form, 
  • a guide to taking the hair sample with mailing instructions for North America.

If your client is located in Canada, they will receive their test kit via UPS. 

If they are in the USA, then the package will be shipped via FedEx Air.

Each HTMA Test kit will include an addressed envelope to ship the test sample either to Vykon or to Trace Elements.   Please note that for improved visibility on the shipment status of your sample, Vykon highly recommends mailing the completed hair sample and requisition form via a tracked parcel.

Vykon is not liable for any samples damaged or lost during shipping. If a replacement test kit is required, please contact your practitioner to discuss the options available and applicable fees.

Each test kit includes:

  • full instructions on how to prepare for how to take your hair sample
  • a scale to measure your sample
  • an envelope to return your sample for testing.  

We also include a QR code to link to our hair sample videos site.

As soon as our team receives your client’s results, they will be sent to you using the email address on your Vykon Customs account.

Yes, we offer canine, feline, equine and human test kits that can be drop shipped to clients and include expedited shipping from our lab.


We strive to ensure we use as many certified organic ingredients as possible.  Approximately 95% of our herbals are organic, and if not organic then they are non-GMO. For example our kelp is knotted wrack from the North Atlantic and is certified organic. 

All of our flavourings have been hand-picked and are 100% natural.  Many supplement companies use fillers and artificial flavours.  We refuse to use anything artificial in any Vykon Custom or Performance product.

The majority of our ingredients are sourced from Canadian suppliers.  We occasionally source ingredients outside of North America when the best manufacturers are located there.

For example, when we source sea salt, it comes directly from Belgium, which has extremely strict manufacturing processes for this ingredient.  Please review our documentation on where we source our ingredients from.

Our lab is GMP compliant and is licensed under Health Canada with strict quality assurance protocols.

All ingredients in every custom are tested for heavy metals, mold, microbes, and other sources of contaminations. We have strict protocols in place to ensure that quality of the raw materials are maintained. In addition to custom compounding, we also do larger batch production and each of those batches is tested after production for microbiology and heavy metals. 

All of our raw materials come with a Certificate of Analysis , which has all of the test results. If we are using a new manufacturer for a product we are sourcing we will also do a third party test for raw materials to ensure the Certificate of Analysis is exactly what it should be. If for any reason that third party test comes back with results different than what the supplier has provided on the CoA, then we will send the ingredient back and find another source.

We have three base flavour options to choose from: 

Smooth Neutral Base Flavour – Our most popular and Vykon suggested. It includes Tapioca Maltodextrin, (non-GMO, allergen free), Guar gum (natural), Natural flavour, Citric acid (cassava), and organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.  This base flavour makes the texture of the drink smoother and easy to drink.  It mixes well in juices and smoothies without changing the flavour for long periods of time. 

Unsweetened Smooth Neutral Base Flavour- Does not include our organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract and

Original Plain –  does non include Tapioca Maltodextrin.

In addition to the base flavours we have a range of delicious side flavours which are included with each formula.  Our side flavours include Vanilla Citrus, Double Chocolate, Fruit Punch, and Mixed Berries. The side flavours come in bottles on the side and you can add as little or as much flavour as you wish to your product.

Fruit Punch is made from 100% fruit extract. It contains natural fruit punch flavour, bitter masker*, citric acid (cassava), and organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.

Vanilla Citrus contains natural citrus flavour, organic banana fruit powder, natural vanilla bean powder, citric acid (cassava), organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.

Double Chocolate contains cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavour, organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.

Mixed Berries is made 100% fruit (no pineapple). It contains mixed natural berries flavour, natural flavour,bitter masker*, organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.

*Bitter masker – Natural fruit extracts on a non-GMO tapioca carrier that help to combat bitterness. This will be listed as a natural flavour on the bottle.


We take allergies very seriously.  Make sure to let us know if a client has an allergy when you place your order. We will process any allergy sensitive order at the beginning of the day after a deep clean in the lab and make all efforts to minimise any potential cross contamination.

Potential allergens within our facility include:

Dairy – we have New Zealand Whey Protein isolate in our facility.

Fish – we have hydrolyzed collagen from wild caught fish in our facility.

Shellfish – we have glucosamine sulfate 2KCl in our facility.

Soy – Currently we use an MK-7 which is made via bacillius subtillis and their food source is Japanese Natto, so there is a minute chance that there may be traces of soy in the final product.  Please note as of July 2022, we are replacing this ingredient with K2VITAL, which is entirely soy free.

We are not a certified wheat free facility. We have many clients that have wheat sensitivities or are celiac who do not react to our products.

Non-major allergens are not tracked by companies or suppliers. If you have a case such as this, contact our team so we can make enquiries as to potential exposures.

We do our best to accommodate but also want to ensure safety with proper information.

We manufacture any orders with allergies and sensitivities first thing in the morning after a deep clean has been performed in the lab, so that any potential allergens (such as whey protein), are not open inside the lab until the formula has been compounded fully. 

Our lab is a gluten-free facility.

We do have three potential major allergens in our facility:

Dairy – we have New Zealand Whey Protein isolate in our facility.

Fish – we have hydrolyzed collagen from wild caught fish in our facility.

Shellfish – we have glucosamine sulfate 2KCl in our facility.

We do not have nuts in our facility, nor do any of our ingredients have nuts listed as a major allergen, however, we are not a certified nut free facility. We do not guarantee our products are nut free. 

Our lab team takes every precaution with allergies and intolerances to minimise cross contamination within our facility.  Please indicate in the Notes section of your order of any known major allergens.


Starting any new protocol can cause some symptoms to occur.  We provide instructions with every order about how to titrate the formula to help prevent this from happening.  

We do not provide refunds for any customized product.  Customized products include any formula with addons added to the product.

If you suspect your client may not tolerate their formula well, we would suggest purchasing a smaller formula size, such as a 30 day.

If your client has started taking their formula, and when they move up in their titration schedule, they begin to experience symptoms, we suggest moving back to the previous titration level.  There is not one schedule that fits everyone.  If your client requires longer to titrate, then that is ok.

If taste is an issue, we would recommend always ordering a Side Flavour with each formula.  You can order Side Flavours from our shop if you or your client runs out.

We do not provide returns on any customized products.  Customized products are any products that have had addons added to the base formula or base formula that has been altered.  

Returns are applicable to unopened non-custom products, in original packaging, returned to our headquarters within 30 days.  The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

We will refund the amount of the return, minus the original shipping costs once the order is received back at our facility and approved by our shipping team.  Refunds will be issued to your original payment method within 5-10 business days of return approval.

To initiate this process, please email us at: 

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