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"Vykon products have helped my clients be very compliant because there aren't a bunch of different bottles to deal with, it's all in one place.  In addition, Lisa's care with helping me formulate an ideal combination of the minerals leads to outstanding results!  I am so absolutely satisfied with Vykon 10 out of 10 across the board!  Plus the consultation sessions with Lisa are so reasonably priced and make such a difference in getting her expertise to really put together a specialized formulation for my clients.  I absolutely love, love, love that!  Before Vykon, mineral rebalancing in my practice was an energy drain for me, and a client drain with compliance.  Those are no longer an issue at all.  I'm so happy my colleague lead me to Vykon."
Maral Salerno
"Vykon Supplements have helped my clients get on top of their copper issues linked to anxiety and insomnia.  The product is easy to use and affordable and the customer service is amazing.  All questions get answered very quickly and in amazing detail, shipping is super fast and the way you can customize the products is great!  Thank you for these products!"
Annika Carroll
"Simplicity!  Compliance is way up with this product....  It's easier for my clients!   They like it better than taking multiple supplements.  I give it a 10 out of 10 across the board."
Kathrine Jenkins
"Perfect for kids!  Perfect for the adults who have a hard time swallowing multiple pills!  Custom, easy to take, 30-90 day supply for flexibility and monitoring."
Linda Lopez
"I just started using the custom mineral formula.  Taste is great considering the ingredient profile.  Vykon products have brought me ease of use.  I like that Vykon has given the ability to find specific metabolic formulas, easily customizable.  Vykon has done a great job."
Carlie Southin
"I like the convenience of having all the ingredients in one powder instead of multiple jars.  Thanks for creating this!"
Heather Chaney
htma-e, menopause coach
"Vykon products simplify my clients supplement program and builds greater consistency!  Consistency on regimen wins.  It works well for clients as it's much easier than taking many different supplements and it's cost effective.  I appreciate what the Vykon team does from supporting HTMA practitioners and their clients.  They act as a partner with you and not just a supplement company."
Ken Newbill
"My clients report almost immediate positive benefits based on their customized formula.  What is not included is as important as what is and they can feel the difference between this and taking a general multi-vitamin of poor quality ingredients they may not need.  I love that I can customize the powders to exactly what my clients need and what they don't.  I love that I can add more of a nutrient (especially potassium) to support their unique needs.  I love that the powder grows with them - building on different goals every 3 months e.g. balance, detox, build, maintain."
Tiffany Thomas
"I really like Vykon, I like the convenience of getting all my minerals in 2 servings per day. I like the effectiveness of the minerals, I had relief from my major symptoms of insomnia within two weeks."
Kari Downer
"I am now absorbing my calcium by getting the right mineral formula. Sodium has come up and metals are clearing.  I love the ease of use and to be able to stack more nutrients like taunting NAC, extra sea salt and magnesium to what I need for my body."
Lori Balue
"Vykon has helped my clients with rebalancing their nutrient levels.  I give it a 10 out of 10.  I like the taste options, the customization and the customer service."
Pana Ninan
"We're just getting started by know others who use the product and love it!  Personally I love the convenience of having a lot of what my clients and I need in one easy to take powder!  I believe this will help eliminate the overwhelm that often comes with a new protocol and fitting it into existing routines and lifestyles.  Vykon is a 10 out of 10."
Avery Schihl
"I see definite results when looking at comparable HTMA results when using Vykon products.  One product covers everything!!  Easy."
Carrie Leskun
"I have just started using Vykon with clients, but what I like is the ability to customize what my clients need and have most of what they need in one supplement!  This has been great to cut down on the number of different pills, and also helpful for those who don't do well with pills and capsules.  The consults that Lisa offers to help create custom formulas for clients based on their HTMA results is super helpful!  As a new HTMA practitioner, getting this extra support with more challenging clients cases is so valuable to ensure I'm creating the best custom formula for their needs!"
Larissa Popp
Health Coach
"Vykon products have helped to give my clients more energy!  The customization is a 10."
Kay Prendergast
"Vykon products have given my clients more energy.  Less intake of capsules especially when swallowing is hard.  Custom service is excellent!  Customization experience - the ability to get all needs met in one product.  I am happy with Vykon and love the high quality and bioavailability of the forms chosen. "
Jennifer Koziak
htma-e, exercise physiologist
"Vykon products have helped simplify my clients getting their bodies all  the nutrients they need vs. a million capsules!  My satisfaction with Vykon is 10 out of 10."
Melissa Tomczak
"My son (8 years old) is finally having some symptom relief (exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety) using Vykon powders.  My mom has relief for the first time in 20 years from her fibromyalgia symptoms because of her powder.  These powders are wonderful.  I am so happy to use them as part of my protocol suggestion for clients, because I know they are of the highest quality, and I know they work.  I give Vykon a 10 out of 10."
Kristal Gilroy
"Vykon products have helped my clients experience health improvements.  I like the option between pills or powder supplements."
Joe Phillips
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