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Streamline Supplementation for Your Clients based on the Science of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

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Vykon Customs

VYKON Customs are formulated specifically for use based on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test results and mineral balancing.


Practitioner Wholesale Accounts specifically for those that utilize HTMA testing.

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The VYKON team is always available to answer questions with regards to the brand, formulations, our lab and more..

“Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is such a powerful diagnostic test, but the one thing I struggled with for years was all of the supplements that went into the most effective protocols.  I wanted to create something to make the  ultimate protocols less stressful to implement, more convenient and cost effective for clients.”

Lisa Pitel-Killah, BCHHP (AADP), hTMAP

Founder Vykon Custom Supplements

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Here at VYKON, our mission is to assure our valued Health Practitioners that every custom supplement that is produced is of the highest quality, contains the purest raw ingredients, has absolutely no fillers or artificial flavours and meets our strict production guidelines.

If you have added, or use, HTMA in your health practice and are looking to offer your clients custom mixes based on HTMA results which are easy to use and increase client adherence, then Apply Now!

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Sarah Rule

“I have been using the 4 lows powder on my daughter and the last test I got back for her astounded me as far as the improvement.  It took a few tests to see this, but frankly - for a 5 year old - to have all these "goodies" in a powder that she will drink is such a lifesaver. ”

Ken Newbill

“ There's a great level of satisfaction knowing your clients will have a far greater chance at being compliant to their supplement regimen when it is simplified for them with Vykon Custom Powders!  They love the convenience and simplicity of using the multi-nutrient supplement from Vykon.”

Heather Gray

“ No more one size fits all.  The options are amazing, what a way to super charge something that is already so amazing.  I am truly in aw of this company and what it can do for folks. ”