Are you a practitioner looking to offer your clients our revolutionary Vykon Custom powders?

Practitioner Wholesale

Only Certified Health Practitioners have access to order on this site.  Apply for your account now.

By applying for a Practitioner Wholesale Account (PWA), you will have access to order Vykon Custom supplements; built and based on HTMA science.

When using HTMA, one of the most important ratios are the oxidation rates.  Vykon Customs support oxidation rates, as well as overall mineral balance, methylation and detoxification pathways.  Vykon has base formulations with many mineral, vitamin and amino acid “add-ons” for a truly customized formula for your clients.  Tested and proven to support maximum results in mineral patterns.

If you are using HTMA in your practice Vykon Customs make your client protocols: easy to adhere to, manageable and affordable.

Apply for your account today and get access to your Practitioner Wholesale Account pricing.  We look forward to serving you.

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What do Vykon Custom Formulations mean for your clients?

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