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Equine Probiotic


A horse’s story with Vykon’s Equine Probiotic

I walked out into the field one Fall afternoon about three and a half years ago with a friend to be introduced to Jade. He stood like the handsome Canadian gelding that he is, and let me talk to him, pat him, and love on him. As Jade was being introduced to me, my friend explained that he was a retired Dressage horse, and he did quite well in his competitions, but he was done. My friend had owned Jade for a few years by that point, but just didn’t have the time to dedicate to him. My friend told me that Jade was a quiet boy, never put a foot wrong, and they only did arena work with him. That day without even sitting on him, I knew he was my new companion, I knew that I would have an amazing retirement with him.

A couple years have passed, and Jade and I are happy. We hack, I groom him; we really just enjoy each other’s company. Jade had an allergy flare up last Winter, which I was told he went through from time to time previously, and in addition we have had some other physical symptoms that an older horse could experience show up – low energy, some swelling in legs from time to time, and severely itchy skin.

After being introduced to HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) for myself and having amazing results; I wondered if this could be done for animals too. After consulting with my practitioner, I realized that it did in fact exist for animals and I decided to give it a try!!! So Jade got a slight mane trim and off to the lab to be analyzed. One of the things that showed on his test was elevated iron, and as it was explained to me, this could be a sign of dysbiosis in the gut. So we decided to start with gut health and put Jade on some liquid probiotics from Vykon Supplements. Honestly, if I didn’t see and experience the changes in him myself, I don’t think I would believe the person telling me.

My 21 year old gelding, that I promised to hack and relax with for the rest of his life, is so full of energy and health now; we have a hard time containing ourselves. Jade and I continue our hacking, but when I go into the ring to just putter around, he “turns on”. It is like he wants to show me what he’s got. He is not acting hot like a grained up horse, he is acting like he is feeling well, and he has talent and energy to show off. I honestly have always loved this boy, right from the moment I laid eyes on him, but now our bond is even more special. I go out to see him, and he trots up to me, wants to be ridden, but also wants to be silly and goofy with a confidence that I have never seen in him before. The only thing in our lives that has changed to this point, is the probiotics I added into his daily routine. I cannot thank Vykon enough for making my boy feel his absolute best, and bringing a peace of mind to me, that I am going to have my partner with me for a long time to come.

Renee Hamilton, Ottawa, CANADA

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