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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Payment Terms: Payouts are made for the previous month between the 1st to the 5th of the next month based on Total Cart Value per Conversion, with the exception of sample packs and consultations offered by Vykon Customs, and with a $100 commission minimum. Refunds and cancellations will be automatically deducted from your payout balance as they are processed.

Affiliates will be paid out in the currency of their stated country.  If affiliates are located outside of North America they will be paid in USD.  

General Requirements for Acceptance: 

  1. You must operate a website or business within the health industry or an industry that compliments Vykon Supplements or Vykon Customs.
  2. You must operate a registered business.
  3. You must be in compliance with our Terms of Service
  4. No coupon or offer sites.


After receiving your application, we will review your information and notify you of your acceptance into our Program. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your application to be reviewed. We reserve the right to reject any application, however we encourage you to contact us if you feel we have made an incorrect decision. 


 Your participating website(s) may not:

  1. Infringe on our or any anyone else’s intellectual property, publicity, privacy or other rights.
  2. Violate any law, rule or regulation.
  3. Contain any content that is defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, harmful to minors, or contains nudity, pornography or sexually explicit materials.
  4. Contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data, or personal information.
  5. Contain software or use technology that attempts to intercept, divert or redirect Internet traffic to or from any other website, or that potentially enables the diversion of affiliate commissions from another website. This includes toolbars, browser plug-ins, extensions and add-ons. 

Linking to our website:

Your Website will not in any way copy, resemble, or mirror the look and feel of our Website. You will also not use any means to create the impression that your Website is our Website or any part of our Website including, without limitation, framing of our Website in any manner. You may not engage in cookie stuffing or include pop-ups, false or misleading links on your website. In addition, wherever possible, you will not attempt to mask the referring URL information (i.e. the page from where the click is originating). Using redirects to bounce a click off of a domain from which the click did not originate in order to give the appearance that it came from that domain is prohibited. 

PPC Guidelines:

If you are enrolled in our Program and participate in PPC advertising, you must adhere to our PPC guidelines as follows: 

  1. You may not bid on any of our trademarks (which are identified below), including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content-based campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network.
  2. You may not use our trademarked terms in sequence with any other keyword. You may not use our trademarked terms in your ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display url.
  3. You may not directly link to our website from any Pay Per Click ad or use redirects that yield the same result. Affiliate links must be directed to an actual page on your website.
  4. If you automate your PPC campaigns, it is your responsibility to exclude our trademarked terms from your program and we strongly suggest you add our trademarked terms as negative keywords. We have a strict no tolerance policy on PPC trademark bidding. 


VYKON® – U.S. Reg. No. 6,995,666

Domain Names: 

Use of any of our trademarked terms as part of the domain or subdomain for your website is strictly prohibited.

Social Media: 

Use of any of our trademarked terms as part of your social handle is strictly prohibited.

  1. You ARE ALLOWED to promote Vykon on your own social media pages or groups you manage; more specifically, you are welcome to use your tracking links on your personal Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.
  2. You ARE PROHIBITED from posting your tracking links on OUR Facebook, Twitter, and other social media company pages in an attempt to turn those links into partner sales.
  3. You ARE PROHIBITED from running Facebook ads with our trademarks or approval.
  4. You ARE PROHIBITED from creating a social media account that includes our trademarks in the page name and/or username. 

The Use of Health Product Language, Promotions & Endorsements: 

  1. We do not support the use of celebrity endorsements.
  2. We do not condone the use of or promises of cures to any illness, disease or symptom (as they are not always universally true for all people and are against FDA/FTC rules or Health Canada rules).
  3. Promotions can mention our products MAY prevent, support or help with certain conditions (ideally when accompanied by links to relevant studies or cited sources). We ask all our affiliates to avoid mentioning COVID-19, Coronavirus, cancer cures as no one product can claim that universally. We can carefully mention they may help with inflammation, antioxidant support, etc. in order to abide by compliance rules. 


If you intend to promote our Program via email campaigns, you must adhere to the following: E-mail must be sent on your behalf and must not imply that the email is being sent on behalf of Vykon Supplements or Vykon Customs

Reversal and Communication Policy: 

We reserve the right to reverse orders due to order cancellations, duplicate tracking, returns, disputed charges, and program violations as outlined in these terms and conditions. If we ask you for clarification or more information on any orders or clicks that we suspect may be in violation of our terms and conditions, we expect that you will respond in a timely and honest manner. Below are violations of our communications policy. If any of the following apply, then we reserve the absolute right to reverse orders or suspend you from the program. 

  1. You are not forthcoming, intentionally vague or are found to be lying.
  2. You are not responsive within a reasonable time period.
  3. You cannot substantiate or validate the source of your traffic to our program with clear and demonstrable proof.
  4. Resembles Vykon Supplements and falsely have customers believe that you are Vykon Supplements.
  5. If you promote violence or illegal activities.
  6. If you promote discrimination, based on race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age or any other type of discrimination characteristics protected by anti-discrimination laws.
  7. You send abusive or hateful forms of communication to the Vykon Team, or participate in any forms of internet trolling towards Vykon. Failure to comply with any of the terms, conditions, guidelines or restrictions of this Addendum shall result in 
    1. your forfeiture of all commissions earned by you in connection with our Affiliate Program during the 30 days immediately preceding the date on which we learn of your violation, and 
    2. your forfeiture of all commissions arising out of your efforts or services subsequent to the date on which we learn of your violation. 

Your forfeiture of commissions hereunder shall not be construed an election of remedies on our party, and such forfeiture shall be in addition to any other right, power or remedy that we may have, at law or in equity, and each such right, power or remedy shall be cumulative and non-exclusive. This Addendum, and the rights of the parties hereunder shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, and such laws shall govern all rights and remedies without regard to principles of conflict of laws. Any dispute arising between you and us shall be decided exclusively by the Province or Federal Courts located in Ottawa, Ontario and you submit to the jurisdiction of such Courts and agree that such Courts shall provide an appropriate forum. 

Contact: with questions.

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