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Flavouring FAQ’s

Are your products flavoured?

Yes, our formulas are built with our Smooth Neutral base flavour. Additionally we have “side” bottles of flavours that can be added, one bottle is included with every custom blend. These are all natural flavours that can be added to the custom powder at the client’s preferred amount to provide a full flavour profile. We offer four side flavour options; vanilla citrus, double chocolate, fruit punch and mixed berries.

What is in your side flavours?

  • The Fruit Punch is made from 100% fruit extract. It contains natural fruit punch flavour, bitter masker*, citric acid (cassava), and organic stevia leaf extract.
  • The Vanilla Citrus, (which is Vykon made), contains natural citrus flavour, organic banana fruit powder, natural vanilla bean powder, citric acid (cassava), organic stevia leaf extract.
  • The Double Chocolate, (Vykon made) contains cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavour, and organic stevia leaf extract.
  • The Mixed Berries is made from 100% fruit and contains no pineapple. It contains mixed natural berries flavour, natural flavour,bitter masker*, organic stevia leaf extract.

*Bitter masker – Natural fruit extracts on a non-GMO tapioca carrier that help to combat bitterness. This will be listed as a natural flavour on the bottle.

Can you explain your natural flavours?

We use only natural flavours in our lab from one of the most reputable companies in North America. The flavours are generated by pure fruit extraction and are then applied to non-GMO tapioca powder so that they are then a powder and stable. This is the overall process for all of our natural flavours. As well with the electrolytes, you have the unflavoured option, when mixed in water is barely noticeable.

What are the flavour ingredients?

The bases are built with Smooth Neutral. It’s made with the plain base (citric acid, stevia and natural flavours) but with added 100% tapioca maltodextrin(allergen free) and natural guar gum. These added ingredients make the texture of the drink smoother and easy to drink, plus it mixes well in juices and smoothies without changing the flavour for long periods of time. 

What if I don’t want a flavour in the product?

You always have the option of removing the all-natural flavouring, or one ingredient from the flavour as well.  In this case, due to the bitterness of minerals; we would normally suggest including at least the smooth natural base to any powder formula. If you would like no flavour at all, then capsules would be recommended.

What if my client doesn’t like the taste of the product?

At Vykon, we are committed to keeping all of our products truly natural.  All of our products contain a flavour profile which makes the product as neutral as possible.  It mixes easily into smoothies and also extremely well just in cool water with some side flavour added. You can choose to mix each serving into 6oz. of water, juice, smoothie or into soft foods. 

Our team has put together our favourite smoothie recipes in our Client Documents section of My Account, which you can share with your clients.

Watch our short video on Using Your Powders under the General Information section for more on the best ways to use our custom powders.

Is there a way to leave out the natural flavours?

You can leave out the natural flavours, but it is definitely not recommended as minerals and vitamins tend to be extremely bitter. There is always the option for capsules void of flavour or fillers.