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Allergies FAQs

What if my client has allergies?

We take allergies very seriously; so make sure to let us know if a client has an allergy. We will process any allergy sensitive order at the beginning of the day after a deep clean in the lab and make all efforts to minimise any potential cross contamination.

We do have three potential major allergens in our facility:

  1. Dairy – In our New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate
  2. Shellfish – In our Glucosamine Sulfate
  3. Fish – In our Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

We do have rice in our facility in the form of our rice protein.

My client has an allergy to a non-major allergen (ie: apples).

Non-major allergens are not tracked by companies or suppliers. If you have a case such as this, contact our team so we can make enquiries as to potential exposures. We do our best to accommodate but also want to ensure safety with proper information.

Do the custom formulas contain wheat?

We are not a certified wheat free facility. We have many clients that have wheat sensitivities or are celiac who do not react to our products.

Are there nuts in any of your formulas or add-ons?

We cannot guarantee that our products have not come in contact with these allergens as they are in the same facility, but as previously mentioned we take all precautions to minimize cross contamination.

What if we have a special client case that needs a true custom mix?

When you visit the shop you will have access to the Basic Formulations, as well as Customizable Formulations.  The Customizable Formulations have been created for cases just like this.  You can add extras of items such as: zinc picolinate, potassium gluconate, boron chelate complex, B12 (methylcobalamin), sea salt, etc. 

If you have a truly tough case, or cases, and you need a formula built from scratch, our team can do this for you, just email us what you would like to:

 If you have a tough case and need a formulation recommendation you also have an amazing opportunity to schedule a consultation with our founder, Lisa Pitel-Killah at a fraction of her regular session rates. You can use this session to discuss test results and set a recommendation for a customized mix for your client(s).  Please note: there is documentation requested for this consultation that will need to be submitted prior to your appointment date and time.  See Shop notes for details.

We do not have nuts in our facility, nor do any of our ingredients have nuts listed as a major allergen, however, we are not a certified nut free facility. We have checked the flavours we use and they are all processed in a nut free facility, though there is always a slim chance that there could be cross contamination between travel from the manufacturer to our facility. 

With that being said, our lab team takes every precaution with allergies and intolerances to minimise or eliminate cross contamination within our facility.

 I have a patient with sensitivities to gluten/ wheat, cow/ goat dairy, polysorbate 80, lime, mango, artichoke, butternut squash, spinach and agave. I want to verify that I can order the 4 Lows formula with additional potassium and CoQ10.

We have processed formulas for those who have gluten and dairy allergies and they have been okay, Lisa herself is Celiac. We run customs with allergies first thing in the morning after a deep clean has been performed in the lab, so that any potential allergens (such as whey protein), are not open inside the lab until the formula has been compounded fully. We do know that some of our side flavours have lime extract, however our base flavour (smooth natural) does not, and would be fine to consume. As for the other intolerances, we do not have any of them on site, aside from dairy, so as long as you understand it is in our facility (New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate).

If these practices and parameters meet your expectations then I would say you should be fine to order, all we ask is that you as the practitioner make a note on the order placed so that our team knows exactly the intolerances they are dealing with so the correct precautions can be taken.